Creative Ways to Reuse Pavers

Creative Ways to Reuse Pavers

Creative Ways to Reuse Pavers

A social movement towards sustainability and support from celebrities and home improvement gurus has led to a wave of reclaiming and reusing old construction materials for new projects. Reclaimed wood is often touted as a selling point for new houses, home renovations, and furniture. People love the rustic look and warm feel that old, worn materials can bring to a modern space.

We want to make ways to reuse pavers the next big thing in an eco-friendly design! We’ve worked on several projects to pull up old pavers and lay them back down in unique, creative designs that are both beautiful and functional. From Armature Works to Channelside to Midtown, examples of our designs with reused pavers can be seen all over Tampa Bay.

Thinking of creative ways to reuse pavers around your home or business? Here are some of our favorite ideas for making the most of this sustainable trend:

  • Create walkways

Repurpose old street pavers into new and elaborately patterned walkways that look gorgeous while leading visitors or customers through your outdoor spaces. Some commercial customers may even want to use this technique inside their buildings! Walkways made with repurposed brick pavers are functional, beautiful, and add a charm to the area that can’t be replicated with new materials.

  • Create design features

One of the most fun ways to reuse pavers is to create new design pieces that can be anything from modern to timeless. Just a few ideas for features that can be created with way to reuse pavers include:

      • Flower planters
      • Birdbaths
      • Waterfalls
      • Koi ponds
      • Yard art
      • Tree rings
      • Fire pits
      • Outdoor ovens
  • Highlight functional spaces

Commercial customers will especially like using old pavers to partition off different areas, separating product lines or service areas in a customized, fun, and eye-catching way. Midtown is a great example of how we used repurposed pavers in alternating colors to delineate different areas.

Residential customers can also take advantage of the attractive boundaries that can be created with reused brick pavers. Use them to edge gardens, walkways, water features, and more to separate your yard’s design features while also creating a clear line of where guests should not go!

Are you ready to take your space to the next level with sustainable, environmentally-friendly repurposed brick pavers? Call the bricklaying experts at Standard Brick Pavers in Tampa Bay at (813) 512-2105 or contact us online to request a quote for your residential or commercial brick paver project today.