Make Your Brick Paver Patio Appear New Again With These Simple Tips

Make Your Brick Paver Patio Appear New Again With These Simple Tips

A brick pavers patio is a great addition to the home. Brick pavers will give your patio an attractive and stunning design. Moreover, this option is very durable, and you will not have to worry about damage. Your patio will require low maintenance as well.

However, it is bound to lose its luster after some time. This does not mean it cannot be fixed. You can easily restore your brick-paved patio. All you need is a mild cleaning solution, a stiff bristled broom, and replacement sand. Here are the steps you need to follow to maintain your brick-paved patio and make it last a lifetime:

Tips To Make Your Brick Paver Patio Appear New

1 . Remove everything from your brick-paved patio

People keep many things on the patio, like chairs, tables, potted plants, etc. If you are planning to clean your patio, you will have to remove them first. Otherwise, they might get in the way and make cleaning difficult. By completely removing all obstacles, you can perform the task quickly and effectively.

If you have beautiful landscaping around your patio, you will have to be careful while cleaning so that it does not get damaged by water or any harsh chemical used in cleaning solutions. It is always smart to cover them properly. Also, cover any metal object in that area. You do not want it to get exposed to water or any chemical.

2 . Check the brick pavers and remove moss and weed growth

Moss and weed growth is quite common on or in brick pavers. If you do not clear them timely, they will start growing and diminish the appeal of your patio. It is a very simple task. You will have to locate the areas where there is growth and remove them with a stiff bristled handheld brush or brush broom. However, you cannot curb weed growth like this.

They grow in between paver joints, and you will have to pull them out. Once you remove everything from the surface, brush them off of your paved surface. Make sure that you do not end up removing a lot of sand while pulling the weeds. Otherwise, the brick-paved patio will have to be refilled.

3 . Clean the brick pavers surface with water

There are lots of cleaners that you can use for cleaning your brick-paved patio. However, you must wash the surface of your patio with water first. Get a hose and wash the entire area with water. You do not have to put in a lot of effort. Just ensure that the surface is wet. This is crucial because your brick pavers can absorb the cleaners if they stay dry. Cleaning will be difficult in such situations. Also, you will have to use a lot of it. This will not be a problem once the surface is wet.

4 . Use the cleaning solution to clean

There are a number of cleaners available in the market that you can use for cleaning your brick-paved patio. However, you do not have to always buy cleaners from stores. Sometimes, homemade cleaning solutions can work great as well. It will help to reduce your expenses. You do not always require harsh chemicals. A simple cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing warm water and dish soap or detergent.

Fill a large bucket with water and mix a detergent packet in it. 16 oz of dish detergent should be sufficient. Make sure that the detergent mixes in the water properly before getting started. Once it is ready, start pouring it on the surface of the brick pavers. Do not try to clean the entire patio at once. Focus on one area first and then move to the rest gradually.

If you are planning to buy a cleaner from a store, do not choose any option randomly. Always ask the seller for suggestions. All cleaners might not be ideal for your brick-paved patio. Some cleaners can be very harsh and damage the surface of your brick pavers. It can completely ruin the look of your patio design.

5 . Scrub the surface after applying the solution

Once you have applied the cleaning solution to an area, you will have to scrub the surface with a stiff bristled broom to clean the surface. Make sure that you apply some pressure while scrubbing the surface. The dirt and stains can be difficult to remove otherwise. In some cases, you will have to allow the cleaner to set for a few minutes before you can start scrubbing. Therefore, you must check the instructions mentioned on the label before getting started. When you are done scrubbing, you will have to rinse the area.

Continue applying the cleaner and scrubbing the surface until you complete cleaning the entire patio. Finally, you can put a bucket of water on the surface to rinse off the cleaner. However, a hose will be more convenient.

6 . Re-sand your pavers

After cleaning the surface, you must refill sand in the spaces between the pavers. Pour a little bit of sand onto an area and sweep it around with a dry, stiff bristled broom to spread it. Do it 2 to 3 times instead of putting a lot of sand in one place at once. After spreading it out into the brick paver joints, get a hose and mist water over the brick pavers.

These steps will make your brick-paved patio new again. However, it is a very time-consuming process and you might not be able to clean it properly if you do not have any experience. It is always smart to hire a professional cleaning service provider for the task. Standard Brick Pavers can assist you with this issue. Our team has cleaning experts who are well-trained and equipped with the necessary tools to perform the task efficiently and effectively. You can reach us at 813 512-2105.

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