Patio Brick Paving Ideas With Great Impact

Patio Brick Paving Ideas With Great Impact

A rugged patio design for your commercial property can be very beneficial. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and elevate the overall aesthetic beauty of the space. You can create a beautiful rugged patio by opting for brick paving ideas. It is one of the most popular paving ideas among property owners.

One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is its price. Bricks are perfect for people looking for affordable options. Moreover, they are extremely durable and sturdy. You can create amazing designs as well. Here are a few amazing brick-paving ideas with great impact shared by brick pavers:

1. A simple and minimalist brick design

Many people are under the impression that simple and minimalist designs cannot look good. Contrary to that belief, you can create stunning patio designs with simple brick paving ideas. Simple and minimalist designs are immensely popular. They have a timeless appeal and will look good with almost all types of patio designs. The installation process of this brick paving idea is simple as well.

Many rows of bricks are laid down where all the bricks are placed horizontally on top of each other in a straight line. However, you will have to ensure that the joints of the bricks align with each other. This will create a perfect grid-like structure. You can place the bricks horizontally as well, depending on your preferences. The patterned look will give your patio a stunning look.

2. The running bond brick paving idea

You must have come across the running bond brick paving idea in many places. This versatile brick paving idea can be given a traditional and contemporary look. Therefore, you can choose any option depending on your patio design. In the traditional brick paving idea, the intersection point of two bricks is in the middle of the bricks above and below it.

However, the intersection point of the bricks is not in the center of the contemporary running bond idea. Rather, the intersection point moves ahead by 33 percent from the intersection point below it. It helps to give the space a diagonal pattern across the patio and create a striking appearance.

Whether you choose the contemporary or conventional option, you will not be able to fit full bricks in a few spots in both cases. Instead, partial bricks will be required to fill in the spots. They will have to be cut according to the size and angle before the placement so that they fit seamlessly.

3. The herringbone pattern brick paving idea

The herringbone brick paving idea has been in the trend for many years. It’s a simple, yet unique brick-laying idea that can give your patio a stunning look. All the bricks are arranged in an L-shape, where one brick is installed horizontally and the other is installed vertically. They meet each other on one side at a right angle. Repeating this L-shape pattern throughout the patio creates a design that resembles the look of the bones of a fish, like a herring.

This brick paving design can make your patio design a little loud and is great for property owners who want a bold option. Also, the interlocking arrangement makes your patio design impact-resistant and ensures that the bricks do not damage under pressure. Therefore, you will not have to worry about additional expenses required for repair or replacement.

4. A round brick patio idea

The herringbone, running bond, and simple brick paving ideas are great for giving your patio a stunning look. However, these ideas are best suited to patio designs that are square or rectangular. All patios are not square or rectangular shaped only. You will come across many round patio designs as well. Choosing the above-mentioned brick paving ideas might not be ideal for a round patio. Instead, you should choose a whorled pattern brick paving idea.

It is perfect for round spaces because it draws more attention to the center, where a crucial element of your patio, like the dining table or fire pit, might be located. Therefore, you will be able to keep it highlighted and make it the focal point of the space.

Multiple parallel rings are created by laying bricks next to each other in the whorled brick paving pattern, where the last circle consists of the maximum number of bricks, and the circle in the middle has only one round brick. The bricks can be arranged in any manner, horizontally or vertically. You can create a striking patio design with either option.

5. Elevate the garden with your brick patio idea

You can accentuate the patio design with greenery. It can be anything, a tree, an in-ground flower bed, or a raised bed of herbs for your recipes. Creating boundaries for them will give your patio design a more organized appearance. Installing brick edging around your plants is a brilliant idea for this purpose. The rugged and neutral look of bricks will complement your garden.

However, that is not the only advantage you will enjoy with this brick paving idea. It will ensure that people do not step inside the garden beds and trample the flowers or vegetables. Also, small animals such as snails and slugs will not be able to invade the garden beds easily.

There are numerous other brick paving ideas you can come up with for your patio. However, the design is one of many factors that require your attention. It is crucial to choose good quality materials and the right installation processes.

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