Reclaimed Brick Installation

Do you want to set your driveway or walkway apart from the others on your block? Are you looking for a material that lends a sense of charm and distinction to your property? If so, installation with reclaimed brick is your ultimate choice.

When you use Standard Brick Pavers in Tampa, Florida for installation, we can offer reclaimed brick pavers that have been recovered from historical sites and recycled for use in new projects. Homeowners and businesses alike love using them to design a beautiful and vibrant outdoor surface.

How Do Reclaimed Bricks Stand Out From Traditional Pavers?

While traditional brick pavers are thin, flat, and perfectly smooth, reclaimed brick pavers are less predictable and manufactured. Since they were all once used in the past on city roads or pathways, they offer subtle nuances in coloring, pattern, and overall appearance. This helps them create a vibrant aesthetic appearance on your outdoor surface.

Installing and Caring For Your Reclaimed Brick

Though reclaimed bricks are historical, they are still extremely durable and low maintenance. After a professional from Standard Brick Pavers installs your driveway, patio, or pool surface, you only need to worry about spraying the bricks off with a garden hose every so often to keep them clean. Since the bricks are stain and weather resistant, you are free to enjoy their lasting brilliance.

Schedule Your Installation in Tampa, Florida

The experts at Standard Brick Pavers in Tampa, Florida specialize in the procurement and installation of reclaimed brick pavers. It is our goal to help you create the beautiful, bold, eye-catching outdoor design you’ve always wanted.

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