The Benefits of Paver Driveway

Paver Driveway

When choosing a material to use for your new driveway, you have several options. Concrete and asphalt are the traditional choices, but here at Standard Brick Pavers in Tampa, we’re a little biased towards pavers being the absolute best driveway material.

Some of the biggest benefits of using brick pavers as your driveway material include:

  • Durability

Paver Driveways are tough enough to withstand heavy forces… you can even park an RV on them!

  • Long lifespan

You can expect your pavers to last for decades with proper care. In fact, some people report stone pavers lasting up to 50 years!

  • Versatility

No matter what style you’ve gone with for your home’s decor, there’s a paver material, color, and design to match. Pavers can be laid in elaborate patterns, adding an element of luxury that concrete or asphalt just can’t match.

  • Easy to maintain

In comparison to traditional concrete or asphalt driveways, pavers require much less maintenance. Pavers are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and are durable against weed penetration. The best part about paver maintenance is that if one breaks, it’s very easy to remove just the one and replace it. With concrete or asphalt, damage often requires complete replacement of a large section!

  • Color choices 

Pavers come in a huge palette of colors, from subtle earth tones to bright and vibrant hues.

  • Fewer moisture problems

Moisture is the enemy of almost all building materials, but pavers ability to drain away excess water makes them an awesome driveway choice, especially if the area tends to retain water during heavy rain.

  • Multiple material options

While brick is the most common choice, pavers come in a wide variety of materials, including sandstone, travertine, and granite.

  • Quick installation

Paver driveways usually only take a few days to install and require no cure time before they can be used, which is a huge advantage over asphalt and concrete driveways.

Paver Driveways Installed in Tampa

If you’re redoing your driveway or laying a new one, pavers make a great material choice for appearance, functionality, and ease of use. To see how a paver driveway can change your home’s aesthetic and boost it’s value, call Standard Brick Pavers at (813) 512-2105 or contact us online today!