Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers – The Latest Landscaping Trend

Brick Pavers – The Latest Landscaping Trend

When the world is moving fast and innovative solutions are constantly sought after, it is somewhat refreshing to recognize that some things haven’t changed for hundreds of years. And one thing which has remained constant for this long is the use of bricks as a building material for roads, terrains, walls, and houses. In addition, the fascinating ability of bricks to be molded in any desired shape or size, adapting perfectly to their surroundings, has set the stage for the most recent trend in landscaping – brick pavers.


What are brick pavers?


Brick pavers are made from clay, but they aren’t all the same size or shape. Some bricks have rounded edges, while others have sharp corners. The size of each brick varies as well: 4×8 or 5×9 inches are standard sizes for brick pavers, but some manufacturers make them as small as 1×1 inch blocks or as large as 12×12 inches. Brick pavers are generally rectangular shapes (square or rectangular) with flat or rounded edges; they may also be trapezoidal or triangular. The color of brick pavers depends on the material used for manufacturing them. For example:

  • Clay bricks can be found in white or red color
  • Shale bricks are usually grayish-blue or brown
  • Concrete bricks can be either gray or red


The advantages of brick pavers


Brick pavers are an excellent choice for many types of projects. They are durable, attractive, and easy to install. The following information will help you determine if brick pavers are right for your project.


Ease of Installation


Brick pavers are easy to install because they come in standard sizes, making it possible to fit them together perfectly. Bricks consist of three pieces: the head (the top), the body (the middle), and the bed (the bottom). This makes it easy to lay them out and make sure they form a straight line, even if your yard isn’t perfectly level or square.




Brick pavers are very durable and long-lasting. They will not crack or break easily even after years of exposure to harsh weather conditions like salt water or heat.  They can withstand being walked on frequently without signs of wear. This makes them ideal for areas that get lots of traffic, such as pathways or driveways.

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Paver work is an art form and takes years of training to master. We have decades of experience in the paving industry. As a result, we know how to achieve the perfect finish and levelness of your driveway or walkway.


We are family-owned, minority-owned, and ICPI certified


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