Patio Brick Paving Ideas With Great Impact

Patio Brick Paving Ideas With Great Impact

A rugged patio design for your commercial property can be very beneficial. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and elevate the overall aesthetic beauty of the space. You can create a beautiful rugged patio by opting for brick paving ideas. It is one of the most popular paving ideas among property owners.

One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is its price. Bricks are perfect for people looking for affordable options. Moreover, they are extremely durable and sturdy. You can create amazing designs as well. Here are a few amazing brick-paving ideas with great impact shared by brick pavers:

1. A simple and minimalist brick design

Many people are under the impression that simple and minimalist designs cannot look good. Contrary to that belief, you can create stunning patio designs with simple brick paving ideas. Simple and minimalist designs are immensely popular. They have a timeless appeal and will look good with almost all types of patio designs. The installation process of this brick paving idea is simple as well.

Many rows of bricks are laid down where all the bricks are placed horizontally on top of each other in a straight line. However, you will have to ensure that the joints of the bricks align with each other. This will create a perfect grid-like structure. You can place the bricks horizontally as well, depending on your preferences. The patterned look will give your patio a stunning look.

2. The running bond brick paving idea

You must have come across the running bond brick paving idea in many places. This versatile brick paving idea can be given a traditional and contemporary look. Therefore, you can choose any option depending on your patio design. In the traditional brick paving idea, the intersection point of two bricks is in the middle of the bricks above and below it.

However, the intersection point of the bricks is not in the center of the contemporary running bond idea. Rather, the intersection point moves ahead by 33 percent from the intersection point below it. It helps to give the space a diagonal pattern across the patio and create a striking appearance.

Whether you choose the contemporary or conventional option, you will not be able to fit full bricks in a few spots in both cases. Instead, partial bricks will be required to fill in the spots. They will have to be cut according to the size and angle before the placement so that they fit seamlessly.

3. The herringbone pattern brick paving idea

The herringbone brick paving idea has been in the trend for many years. It’s a simple, yet unique brick-laying idea that can give your patio a stunning look. All the bricks are arranged in an L-shape, where one brick is installed horizontally and the other is installed vertically. They meet each other on one side at a right angle. Repeating this L-shape pattern throughout the patio creates a design that resembles the look of the bones of a fish, like a herring.

This brick paving design can make your patio design a little loud and is great for property owners who want a bold option. Also, the interlocking arrangement makes your patio design impact-resistant and ensures that the bricks do not damage under pressure. Therefore, you will not have to worry about additional expenses required for repair or replacement.

4. A round brick patio idea

The herringbone, running bond, and simple brick paving ideas are great for giving your patio a stunning look. However, these ideas are best suited to patio designs that are square or rectangular. All patios are not square or rectangular shaped only. You will come across many round patio designs as well. Choosing the above-mentioned brick paving ideas might not be ideal for a round patio. Instead, you should choose a whorled pattern brick paving idea.

It is perfect for round spaces because it draws more attention to the center, where a crucial element of your patio, like the dining table or fire pit, might be located. Therefore, you will be able to keep it highlighted and make it the focal point of the space.

Multiple parallel rings are created by laying bricks next to each other in the whorled brick paving pattern, where the last circle consists of the maximum number of bricks, and the circle in the middle has only one round brick. The bricks can be arranged in any manner, horizontally or vertically. You can create a striking patio design with either option.

5. Elevate the garden with your brick patio idea

You can accentuate the patio design with greenery. It can be anything, a tree, an in-ground flower bed, or a raised bed of herbs for your recipes. Creating boundaries for them will give your patio design a more organized appearance. Installing brick edging around your plants is a brilliant idea for this purpose. The rugged and neutral look of bricks will complement your garden.

However, that is not the only advantage you will enjoy with this brick paving idea. It will ensure that people do not step inside the garden beds and trample the flowers or vegetables. Also, small animals such as snails and slugs will not be able to invade the garden beds easily.

There are numerous other brick paving ideas you can come up with for your patio. However, the design is one of many factors that require your attention. It is crucial to choose good quality materials and the right installation processes.

If you do not have any experience, it is always better to hire a professional. Standard Brick Pavers, one of the most renowned companies in Tampa, Florida, offers various brick paving solutions for commercial properties. With over 22 years of experience in brick paving, our team is ready to take up any challenge and finish your brick paving task on time. For more information, call 813-512-2105 today!

Gain footfall by installing paving brick patio in your commercial space

Gain footfall by installing paving brick patio in your commercial space

Why choose a paving brick patio over other options?

Take a look around your commercial property. Try to picture it from the perspective of your tenants or customers.

Ask yourself these questions. Are the paving on your walks uniform in style? Do the walkways have chips? Does the asphalt in the parking lot look worn with sections being uplifted by tree roots? Do your retaining walls have solid construction, neat lines, and no missing pieces?

It’s probably time to consider updating your hardscaping if the response to those questions is no. It can be simple to concentrate more on landscaping and ignore hardscaping on a commercial property. Still, those walkways, sidewalks, and other solid surfaces are just as important as the green foliage and colorful blooms surrounding them.

Standard Brick Pavers is a licensed paver installer that can help you choose the best brick pavers for your property. For a very long time, we have established a reputation as one of the top masonry constructors in the Tampa Bay area. There are many different kinds of large commercial paver projects we have worked on. Some of them being the Armature Works Building, Inlet Shore, Sparkman’s Wharf, and Historic Street Pavers in St. Pete.  They use various paver types and colors and are very detail-oriented.

By reading on, you will discover our top 5 reasons for choosing brick pavers.

1.   Brick pavers are remarkably robust

Paving bricks are among the most durable and long-lasting outdoor building materials. They are made of clay (or occasionally stone or concrete) and provide remarkable year-round weather protection, withstanding rain, hail, heat, and other conditions.

Brick is used to construct buildings for a cause other than just aesthetic appeal. Brick is a remarkably tough and long-lasting building material. Brick pavers are the same, providing an extremely durable surface that can withstand almost anything.

Patio pavers don’t break, in contrast to concrete. Additionally, you may replace a damaged paver rather than having to replace an entire slab if one ever breaks. Simple. Smart. Excellent.

2.   Maintenance of paving bricks will not be heavy on your pockets

Brick patio pavers are a fantastic option for a long-lasting and low-maintenance patio. Brick pavers don’t require staining or treating because they are made of natural materials, durable, and easy to maintain.

Paving bricks don’t decay or swell like wood and don’t require refinishing or uneven wear like other materials, including tile or concrete. Weekly patio maintenance tasks can be eliminated with a patio composed of interconnected pavers.

3.   The cost efficiency of paving bricks

One of the most economical building materials is brick pavers. This is due to a number of factors:

  • The brick is reasonably priced.
  • You can purchase in bulk to save money.
  • Pavers are less expensive, quicker, and easier to install.

Interlocking brick is simple to construct, unlike many patio options like flagstone, and also helps lower building costs without compromising results. It is incredibly cost-effective for the thrifty homeowner since you save on both labor and materials.

Some patio systems could initially be less expensive but more expensive. For instance, solid concrete is typically less expensive per square footage. But it also costs more over time since it frequently requires more upkeep and repairs. Paving bricks offer the best value for your money by striking the ideal balance between affordability and durability.

Paving brick is an investment, just like any other commercial renovation job. However, the investment will be profitable for many years to come. You’ll invest your money in a high-quality addition that will not only expand your building space and improve your business’ curb appeal but also raise the market worth of the entire property. You’ll save time and money on upkeep, cleaning, and repairs that will result in additional savings in the long run.

4. The exceptional customizability of paving bricks

Pavers are available in various forms, designs, hues, and textures. They provide unmatched customizability, allowing you complete control over the appearance and ambiance of your patio and walkways.

You are definitely not confined to using standard red brick. Additionally, various artistic paver designs are available for surfaces resembling stone or even wood.  Intricate patterns like herringbone or parquet can be created using pavers.

The traditional rectangular paver is the most popular kind of paver. However, it’s not your only choice. There is a staggering variety of paver sizes and shapes. There are a variety of shapes available for you to choose from, including squares, triangles, and tapered edges.

We work closely with each client to help them choose the best paver design for them. We collaborate with many vendors to provide our clients with a vast selection of paver options.

5. Brick pavers are attractive

For patios, courtyard, and walkways, brick pavers are an aesthetically pleasing solution. Brick has long been prized for its classic, beautiful appeal, and now there are so many types that the options are far greater than ever before. Brick pavers can be used to create anything from traditional stonework to modern designs using various styles and design techniques.

Paving Bricks are a great option to show off your commercial space..

Are you looking for commercial brick paver installers in the Tampa Bay Area?

Standard Brick Pavers Have You Covered!

We focus on large scale projects such as hotels, condominium complexes, restaurants, churches, parking lots, public pool decks, or commercial patios. Our market-leading, cost-effective building solutions deliver exceptional results catered to your specific requirements and budget. And when it comes to putting paver bricks in place, we have what it takes to accomplish the job professionally and on time.

We provide all potential clients with complimentary consultations. We’ll inspect the job site and look into several design choices to help you develop a plan according to your ideas and stay within your budget. We’ll also provide you with an estimate for our services. For you to feel assured that we are the best option for local patio paver installation, we’ll provide you with answers to all of your questions.

Contact Standard Brick Pavers if you live in the Tampa Bay region to schedule your consultation right away. We are excited to work with you!

Interlocking Pavers

Reasons for Using Interlocking Pavers

The majority of us give our driveway little care while designing it. However, adding interlocking pavers to your home’s driveway or other exterior areas can significantly improve your house’s curb appeal. Beyond merely how it looks, it also provides many advantages.

Stones that tightly fit together to resemble cobblestones or tiles are called interlocking pavers. This produces a lovely surface that is also tough and may be specially customized to match the style and décor of your home. Interlocking stone pavers may be the finest solution if you need to redo your concrete or brick driveway and consider your options. There are several key reasons for this.

Interlocking Pavers Advantages

Let’s understand some of the most significant benefits of stone pavers.

Installing interlocking pavers is a simple and quick project

The installation process is one important factor that sets interlocking stones for driveways apart from alternatives like asphalt, gravel, loose sand, or poured concrete. It frequently takes days for concrete or asphalt applications to completely dry. In addition, great care must be taken to ensure that the ground is level and that a strong foundation is present.

On the other hand, depending on the size of the area, interlocking driveway pavers can be installed in just one or two days. The paver stones can also be used for walking and driving right immediately.

Interlocking paver installation is also a reasonably easy technique

However, it is advised that you only work with authorized professionals that have received specialized engineering training for installing interlocking pavers. There is very little opportunity for error when laying out the paver stones to form these tight sealing. Avoid attempting to complete it alone!

A layer of sand and concrete must first be placed to establish a foundation upon which the interlocking stone pavers can firmly attach. The basis on which the pavers will seal is this concrete mixed with sand. The required pattern is then created by fitting the interlocking pavers together. There is hardly any gap between each paver stone due to their close proximity.

Following the installation of all the interlocking pavers, a thin layer of sand is applied to the stones before a vibrating paver is used to attach them. Any little fissures between the stones are filled with sand, which is then compacted by the vibrating paver.

That’s all, then! Before installing interlocking pavers, there is no need to wait for any of the parts to dry.

Paving Stones Can Be Replaced or Removed Easily

The use of vehicles, foot traffic, and weather conditions put a lot of strain on paths and driveways. Repairing a broken or cracked piece of an asphalt or concrete driveway could be difficult. You might even need to reseal the area completely.

Interlocking pavers, on the other hand, are simple to take out and replace. One of the paving stones can be reasonably readily removed if it has been fractured or damaged by a car oil leak. The paver is loosened from all sides with a flat pry bar until it can be “popped” out. Then, new concrete and sand applications are made underneath, and a new paving stone is set.

This design element is also highly practical if you need to get to the ground below the interlocking pavers. For instance, parts of the paving stones can be removed underground if you need to install electricity lines or sprinkler plumbing systems. After that, it only takes a few hours to reinstall the same stones.

Products Made of Interlocking Stone Can Be Made to Any Design

When choosing interlocking pavers, you are not constrained to the conventional black, gray, or brown color scheme. Natural stones such as limestone, granite, flagstone, or pre-poured concrete can be used to create paving stones. Additionally, they can be dyed in various hues to suit various personal preferences.

Paving stones are available in various shapes that can be combined if preferred. One such paver is the Everest Paver, which combines multiple rectangular forms to produce a lovely stone-like pattern that may look magnificent for a patio or lounging area.

Hexa pavers are produced in six-sided hexagonal shapes to give a more geometric appearance

Several colors of these paving stones enable you to create beautiful patterns with them. The appearance of smooth ceramic tiles can also be achieved using interlocking pavers. For a polished appearance, the Para Smooth Paver is sanded down. The Blu 45 interlocking paver, however, is a terrific option if you like a look that is more reminiscent of genuine stone. These concrete paver stones were specially created to produce a textured stone and are constructed of poured concrete.

Driveways Are Not the Only Use for Paving Stones

Another fantastic advantage is that interlocking pavers may be utilized outside, not just in driveways. Additionally, paving stones are used for:

  • porches and patios
  • Pathways
  • area of pools
  • Reinforcing walls
  • Steps and stairs
  • Outdoor commercial spaces
  • Fireplaces
  • grilling areas

The applications for interlocking pavers are essentially limitless. Additionally, you can mix and match patterns and colors throughout your house or maintain a consistent style depending on your design choices.

Paving Stones Are Durable

Under ideal conditions, most conventional driveway paving alternatives have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. Although asphalt and concrete are fairly resilient, they will begin to crack and split after a few years. A lot of driveways also require resealing every few years.


An excellent method to improve the appeal of your property is with a beautifully constructed driveway and outside area. A durable investment provides many advantages in choosing an interlocking paver design for the driveway, patio, pool area, paths, or retaining way.

The team at Standard Brick Pavers can help you select the pavers with the shape, color, and size to create the results you want to see. It’s never been easier to transform your space, add durability, and enhance style without spending a fortune. Call (813) 512-2105 to speak with an expert at Standard Brick Pavers in Tampa, Florida, and learn more about your interlocking paver options.

Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers – The Latest Landscaping Trend

Brick Pavers – The Latest Landscaping Trend

When the world is moving fast and innovative solutions are constantly sought after, it is somewhat refreshing to recognize that some things haven’t changed for hundreds of years. And one thing which has remained constant for this long is the use of bricks as a building material for roads, terrains, walls, and houses. In addition, the fascinating ability of bricks to be molded in any desired shape or size, adapting perfectly to their surroundings, has set the stage for the most recent trend in landscaping – brick pavers.


What are brick pavers?


Brick pavers are made from clay, but they aren’t all the same size or shape. Some bricks have rounded edges, while others have sharp corners. The size of each brick varies as well: 4×8 or 5×9 inches are standard sizes for brick pavers, but some manufacturers make them as small as 1×1 inch blocks or as large as 12×12 inches. Brick pavers are generally rectangular shapes (square or rectangular) with flat or rounded edges; they may also be trapezoidal or triangular. The color of brick pavers depends on the material used for manufacturing them. For example:

  • Clay bricks can be found in white or red color
  • Shale bricks are usually grayish-blue or brown
  • Concrete bricks can be either gray or red


The advantages of brick pavers


Brick pavers are an excellent choice for many types of projects. They are durable, attractive, and easy to install. The following information will help you determine if brick pavers are right for your project.


Ease of Installation


Brick pavers are easy to install because they come in standard sizes, making it possible to fit them together perfectly. Bricks consist of three pieces: the head (the top), the body (the middle), and the bed (the bottom). This makes it easy to lay them out and make sure they form a straight line, even if your yard isn’t perfectly level or square.




Brick pavers are very durable and long-lasting. They will not crack or break easily even after years of exposure to harsh weather conditions like salt water or heat.  They can withstand being walked on frequently without signs of wear. This makes them ideal for areas that get lots of traffic, such as pathways or driveways.

Why Hire Standard Brick Pavers for Large Scale Paving Jobs?


We have industry knowledge and experience.


Paver work is an art form and takes years of training to master. We have decades of experience in the paving industry. As a result, we know how to achieve the perfect finish and levelness of your driveway or walkway.


We are family-owned, minority-owned, and ICPI certified


If you have a large-scale paver job, then contact Standard Brick Pavers today!  We are family-owned, minority-owned and ICPI certified. We provide our services throughout Tampa Bay. We are perfect for large-scale projects as we don’t have any limitations on the size of the area we can cover. 

Why you should trust Standard Brick Pavers with your project


We are reputable


We are a trusted name in the industry and have been in business for years. We have an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.


We never quit


We take the time to do it right the first time so that you don’t have to call us back for any reason. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.


We have knowledge of the industry.


We’ve been in business for 22 years, and we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. This means that we’re able to get your project done quickly and efficiently.


We do the right thing.


We ensure that our customers are satisfied. If something goes wrong, we’ll fix it quickly and keep you informed throughout the process.


Standard Brick Pavers should be your first and only choice when it comes to paving in your large-scale commercial or residential project. No other company in the industry can compete with our vast knowledge, experience, and professionalism. So give us a call today for a quote.