Gain footfall by installing paving brick patio in your commercial space

Gain footfall by installing paving brick patio in your commercial space

Why choose a paving brick patio over other options?

Take a look around your commercial property. Try to picture it from the perspective of your tenants or customers.

Ask yourself these questions. Are the paving on your walks uniform in style? Do the walkways have chips? Does the asphalt in the parking lot look worn with sections being uplifted by tree roots? Do your retaining walls have solid construction, neat lines, and no missing pieces?

It’s probably time to consider updating your hardscaping if the response to those questions is no. It can be simple to concentrate more on landscaping and ignore hardscaping on a commercial property. Still, those walkways, sidewalks, and other solid surfaces are just as important as the green foliage and colorful blooms surrounding them.

Standard Brick Pavers is a licensed paver installer that can help you choose the best brick pavers for your property. For a very long time, we have established a reputation as one of the top masonry constructors in the Tampa Bay area. There are many different kinds of large commercial paver projects we have worked on. Some of them being the Armature Works Building, Inlet Shore, Sparkman’s Wharf, and Historic Street Pavers in St. Pete.  They use various paver types and colors and are very detail-oriented.

By reading on, you will discover our top 5 reasons for choosing brick pavers.

1.   Brick pavers are remarkably robust

Paving bricks are among the most durable and long-lasting outdoor building materials. They are made of clay (or occasionally stone or concrete) and provide remarkable year-round weather protection, withstanding rain, hail, heat, and other conditions.

Brick is used to construct buildings for a cause other than just aesthetic appeal. Brick is a remarkably tough and long-lasting building material. Brick pavers are the same, providing an extremely durable surface that can withstand almost anything.

Patio pavers don’t break, in contrast to concrete. Additionally, you may replace a damaged paver rather than having to replace an entire slab if one ever breaks. Simple. Smart. Excellent.

2.   Maintenance of paving bricks will not be heavy on your pockets

Brick patio pavers are a fantastic option for a long-lasting and low-maintenance patio. Brick pavers don’t require staining or treating because they are made of natural materials, durable, and easy to maintain.

Paving bricks don’t decay or swell like wood and don’t require refinishing or uneven wear like other materials, including tile or concrete. Weekly patio maintenance tasks can be eliminated with a patio composed of interconnected pavers.

3.   The cost efficiency of paving bricks

One of the most economical building materials is brick pavers. This is due to a number of factors:

  • The brick is reasonably priced.
  • You can purchase in bulk to save money.
  • Pavers are less expensive, quicker, and easier to install.

Interlocking brick is simple to construct, unlike many patio options like flagstone, and also helps lower building costs without compromising results. It is incredibly cost-effective for the thrifty homeowner since you save on both labor and materials.

Some patio systems could initially be less expensive but more expensive. For instance, solid concrete is typically less expensive per square footage. But it also costs more over time since it frequently requires more upkeep and repairs. Paving bricks offer the best value for your money by striking the ideal balance between affordability and durability.

Paving brick is an investment, just like any other commercial renovation job. However, the investment will be profitable for many years to come. You’ll invest your money in a high-quality addition that will not only expand your building space and improve your business’ curb appeal but also raise the market worth of the entire property. You’ll save time and money on upkeep, cleaning, and repairs that will result in additional savings in the long run.

4. The exceptional customizability of paving bricks

Pavers are available in various forms, designs, hues, and textures. They provide unmatched customizability, allowing you complete control over the appearance and ambiance of your patio and walkways.

You are definitely not confined to using standard red brick. Additionally, various artistic paver designs are available for surfaces resembling stone or even wood.  Intricate patterns like herringbone or parquet can be created using pavers.

The traditional rectangular paver is the most popular kind of paver. However, it’s not your only choice. There is a staggering variety of paver sizes and shapes. There are a variety of shapes available for you to choose from, including squares, triangles, and tapered edges.

We work closely with each client to help them choose the best paver design for them. We collaborate with many vendors to provide our clients with a vast selection of paver options.

5. Brick pavers are attractive

For patios, courtyard, and walkways, brick pavers are an aesthetically pleasing solution. Brick has long been prized for its classic, beautiful appeal, and now there are so many types that the options are far greater than ever before. Brick pavers can be used to create anything from traditional stonework to modern designs using various styles and design techniques.

Paving Bricks are a great option to show off your commercial space..

Are you looking for commercial brick paver installers in the Tampa Bay Area?

Standard Brick Pavers Have You Covered!

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We provide all potential clients with complimentary consultations. We’ll inspect the job site and look into several design choices to help you develop a plan according to your ideas and stay within your budget. We’ll also provide you with an estimate for our services. For you to feel assured that we are the best option for local patio paver installation, we’ll provide you with answers to all of your questions.

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